Mod. NG2000 p/std


Pneumatically operation /

standard base-plate 70 x 70 mm


Grinding disc /

optional accessories


 Mod. NG2000 p/ext



Pneumatically operation /

extended base-plate 150 x 140 mm



A “must” for every die-maker and die-cutter


Handy, compact and lightweight design / ideal for on-hand operation.

In high speed die cutting presses nicking of the die is a “necessary evil” to hold the sheets together during the die cutting operation.

The NG nick-grinder is designed to produce high quality nicks that will allow maximum die cutting speeds and at the same time minimize the unwanted effects of the nicking on the finished carton and subsequent waste stripping operation.


The NG nick grinder offer a more scientific approach to steel

rule die nicking


Makes standardization and precise control of the nicking operation possible – as: all “nicks” are ground to the same pre-determined widths and depths.


Improves the quality of the finished carton – as: the clean-cut, perpendicular “nicks” call for fewer and narrower “nicks” leaving a minimum of unwanted disfiguring marks on the finished carton blanks.


Improves carton accuracy and uniformity – as: the danger of bending or deforming the cutting rule is eliminated.

Increases productivity – as “nicks” produced with the NG nick-grinder ensures better sheet-release from the die in the die-cutting operation.

Higher production speeds are achieved – as: the reduced amount of nicking considerably facilitates the waste stripping operation.


 The handy high-speed, rotary grinding tool producing perfectly clean, accurate and perpendicular “nicks” to predetermined and controlled widths and depths

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